The Beaches of Kalymnos.

The Beach of Kasonia:

The beach Kasonia is the closest one to Pothia and is located on the road towards the beach Therma, behind the harbour.

It is a long sandy beach, with a few trees on its coast that provide natural shade to bathers.

It is preferred by families with children and also by the inhabitants of Pothia, due to its easy access from the city.

There are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, changing rooms, beach bars and some restaurants.

The sea water is turquoise and very clean.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Beach of Kasonia.

The Beach of Gefira:

The beach Gefira is next to Therma and is one of the main beaches of Pothia.

It is a small but beautiful beach with pebbles, rocks and vegetation. The sea water is turquoise and very clean.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Gefira Beach.

Therma Beach:

The beach Therma is located just 2 km away from Pothia, being an excellent option for swimming if you're in the capital of the beautiful island.

Both on the beach and in the sea there are rocks. You can also enjoy your plunges in deep waters from the dock that exists over there. On it, you will find too a restaurant while there are umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Therma Beach. Beaches at Kalymnos - Therma Beach. Beaches at Kalymnos - Therma Beach.
Beaches at Kalymnos - Therma Beach.

Vlichadia Beach:

The beach Vlychadia is a little farther from Pothia (5 kilometers away). Vlychadia actually consists of two different beaches, a pebbly one and a sandy one.

Both of them are relatively shallow and therefore particularly suitable for families with young children. In Vlychadia you will find enough trees for shade after your dives, and rooms, restaurants and cafes.

The people who love action can visit the diving center, where courses are offered to the friends of the -famous to the fishing and snorkeling fans- Kalymnian seabed.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Vlichadia Beach.

The Beach of Linaria:

Another option in the area of Panormos is the sandy beach Linaria. Although it is in a short distance from Kantouni, the ambience in Linaria beach is quieter and more family-oriented.

If you get hungry, the fish taverns that serve fresh fish and other seafood dishes will be the next stop after your plunge.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Linaria Beach.

Kantouni Beach:

Kantouni beach is a sandy beach, 8.5 kilometers away from Pothia. In fact, it is located in Panormos area which-apart from its natural beauty- is famous for the beaches that surround it.

Kantouni is the favorite choice of young people, because the shops and the beach bars that lie in there are open almost 24 hours a day.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Kantouni Beach.

Platys Yialos Beach:

One of the most famous beaches in Kalymnos is Platis Yialos.

Located near Panormos, the reputation of Platis Yialos comes not only from its very clear sea waters, but mainly from the amazing sunsets that one can enjoy from the coast.

The key feature of the beach is its black sand that stands in stark contrast with the deep blue waters.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Platys Yialos Beach.

The Melitsachas Beach:

The beach Melitsachas is located on the northwest part of Kalymnos, near the village Myrties. The beach is sandy with pebbles.

During summer, few taverns do serve the guests and bathers with delicacies, while there are also rooms to let.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Melitsachas Beach.

Myrties Beach:

Myrties beach is considered as one of the most beautiful in Kalymnos. Located on the west side of the island and at a distance of 8 km from Pothia, it is an impressive 700-meter long pebbly beach.

The water is shallow and thus this beach is highly chosen from families with young children. Right across you can see Telendos island, to and from which small boats travel daily.

The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds for hire, while the restaurants, cafes and rooms that lie around Myrties create a very vivid feel throughout the day.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Myrties Beach.

Massouri Beach:

Massouri, the most popular beach in Kalymnos and one of the best on the island, is situated 9 km away from Pothia.

The wide sandy beach, the crystal clear waters and the beautiful view towards Telendos justify the above mentioned title.

Massouri is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds for hire, while the several restaurants and taverns will amaze you with their appetizers.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Masouri.

The Beach Arginoda:

The beach Arginoda is situated on the northwest coasts of Kalymnos, at 16,5 km away from Pothia.

The crystal clear turquoise waters, the rounded pebbles and trees that surround Arginoda bay create a beautiful landscape.

In Arginoda you can find umbrellas and sunbeds. In the broader area, there are several restaurants, hotels and lodgings.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Arginoda.

Kalamies Beach:

Kalamies beach is located just before Emborios village. In there, a different feel occurs, with an ambience that will take you a little back in time, as there are still tavern tables on the pebbles, palm leafs function as umbrellas and smiling people serve you their best delicacies.

A very important advantage of Kalamies beach is its protection against strong winds and waves even in very poor weather conditions. The location of the bay along with the small island infront of it, block quite effectively the 'entrance' of foul weather into the beach.

In Kalamies, canoes and cayaks are offered freely to visitors, in order ride into the sea and explore the surrounding area. At the same time, there is enough room for beach racket games.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Kalamies Beach.

The Beach Emborios:

The beach Emborios is located in northwestern side of Kalymnos at a distance of 19,5 km from Pothia. The huge trees along the pebbled beach impress the visitors.

In this part of the island strong winds occur as often as dead calm, therefore you can enjoy many sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, diving and fishing.

In Emborios you will find many restaurants and taverns, while for the fancy nightlife you just need to follow the highway above the beach, which leads to the westward resorts.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Emborios Beach.

Sikati Beach:

The beach Sikati lies inside a closed bay, which is essentially a natural fjord. It's a small, sandy beach, with some pebbles and crystal clear waters.

You can access it by sea, riding a boat from Vathys, or a through a rough path from the Palionisos Cove.

There is virgin of human constructions, so it is recommended that visitors ensure their essential supplies (mainly water).

Beaches at Kalymnos - Sikati Beach.

Ormos Paleonisou:

Palionisos Bay is on the east coast of Kalymnos, near Vathys. You will arrive there either by boat or after taking the new road from Skalia to Palionisos.

The beach is shingle and the water is clean. There is also a small dock that serves the fishing boats. There are also some tavernas by the beach.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Ormos Paleonisou.

Pezoda beach:

Pezoda beach lies on the east coast of Kalymnos. It's a small beach, nested in a bay, on the road leading from Pothia to Vathys.

Access it from the sea, with boats from Vathys (also known as water taxis), or by boarding on tourist boats. On the beach there are no facilities for bathers, such as umbrellas, sunbeds etc.

In the seabed of Pezoda, and not in great depth, there are projectile that were launched by planes during WWII. This point is particularly dear to divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Pezoda Beach.

Megales Almyres Beach:

Megales Almyres is a pure beach in Kalymnos' eastern coast that can be reached only by boat.

You can go there either by boarding on a boat that makes an organized tour of the island and stops at Megales Almyres for a plunge, or by renting a boat from the port of Rina, if you desire more privacy.

The beach is completely virgin and lacks therefore any kind of infrastructure for bathers or visitors. As a consequence, if you decide to visit Megales Almyres you should carry with you all the necessary supplies (mainly water and a means of shading).

Beaches at Kalymnos - Beach Megales Almyres.

Beach Mikres Almyres:

The beach Mikres Almyres, just like Megales Almyres, is located to the east side of Kalymnos. It is a small beach with fine pebbles mixed with sand.

Similarly to the Megales Almyres beach, there is no way of access beyond by boat. On the coast of Mikres Almyres there are two trees which provide a basic shading.

It is recommended, however, to take care in advance of the necessities, such as water, beverages etc.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Beach Mikres Almyres.


Rina, a picturesque harbor in the village Vathys, is located in a narrow bay which has aptly been likened as a fjord. High and steep cliffs dominate to the right and to the left of the port, between which lies the tranquil sea.

In such a special landscape, swimming is a unique experience worth living. In Rina there are also many taverns, renowned for their fresh fish, squids and delicious octopus.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Rina. Beaches at Kalymnos - Rina.
Beaches at Kalymnos - Rina.

The beach Akti:

The beach Akti (which literally means 'coast') is on the east side of Kalymnos. You can get there by car, along the road which connects Pothia to Vathys.

It's a nice beach, with fine sand and clear waters. A tavern next to it serves the hungry guests and bathers.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Akti.

Chochlakas Beach:

Located beneath the church Agia Triada (the Holy Trinity), Chochlakas is considered as the most spectacular beach of Telendos.

Its pebbly shore and crystal clear waters will definately enchant you.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Chochlakas Beach.

Pnigmenos Beach:

Pnigmenos is a sandy beach, ideal for those who love a calm and quiet ambience.

It is located on Telendos island, southwest of the Early Christian Necropolis and beneath a small canyon called Rafi.

Beaches at Kalymnos - Pnigmenos Beach.
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