Paradise Beach

Along a major stretch of the southern coast are a succession of sandy beaches, once scenic and secluded but now packed with holidaymakers. In reality a single stretch of sand for several kilometres sheltered by a cliff backdrop they have inherited silly Anglicised names.

CAMEL beach is very pretty with fine golden sand and interesting rock formations on the clear water. It is less popular than some others probably because the access is steep.

PARADISE beach is also known as BUBBLE beach on account of underwater volcanic vents which warm the water a degree or two. Immensely popular, it gets very overcrowded and is fully commercialised. Sheltering cliffs, good sand and shallow water make it ideal for children provided they don't get lost among the sunbeds. To see the bubbles you need to snorkel out to sea a bit; you won't see anything along the shoreline.

BANANA beach is the most picturesque with junipers straddling the low sand dunes behind. This beach is also called Lagada. More than 2km of sand is found at SUNNY beach. There are sunbeds and cantinas but fewer hotels around so it is tends to be much less crowded than the others.

At 3 km MAGIC beach, also called Polemi beach, is the longest, broadest and least tamed of them all. It is also the least populated though there is still no shortage of sunbeds and beach cantinas.

The western end of the beach is called either XEROKAMBOS beach or EXOTIC beach depending on whether you can pronounce Greek or not.

The Paradise Beach.
The Paradise Beach. The Paradise Beach.
The Paradise Beach. The Paradise Beach.
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