Just like the day is meant for the sun, the night is meant for fun, and if itís fun you want - Kos is the place.
The fun will get you high - the price remains low.
Wherever you go on the island, there is something for everybody and every taste - the choice is yours. Step lightly in Greek dancing or boogie the night away in one of our groovy discotheques.

Summer nights in Kos. Entertainment for everyone, any age, for every "wallet", reasonable prices. Entertainment and activities everywhere in the island. As the lights of the nights are lightening and the rays of the sun are replaced by the colored glimmering bulbs, you can hear musical rhythms risen from everywhere. The choice is yours. Try for the first time to dance Greek dances, in "Greek Nights", or leave yourself and dance the most modern rhythms of today. Bars, Pubs, Night Clubs, Discos, Tavernas with Greek dances, Popular Greek Clubs.
The Streets of Kos, with its Palm trees, "dew point of the night", are waiting for you. Choose the place that suits you, we know the way to bring you there. Live the unforgettable life in Kos nights, the joy is alive, its magic in the beautiful, beautiful island of Kos.

Kos By Night. Kos By Night. Kos By Night. Kos By Night.
Kos By Night. Kos By Night. Kos By Night.
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Last update: 23-04-2012.