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Map of Agathonisi.


The island was originally called Tragea or Netousa, and got its current name by a priest in the beginning of last century. The word "agathos" means good or gullible, and a common translation is "Island of the Fools" or "Island of the good-hearted".
Agathonisi lies only 10 km away from the Turkish coast, and this has consequences for the tiny island through history. Originally a place for exiles during Roman and Byzantine times and constantly attacked by pirates, Agathonisi did not have a proper community until the 19th century.
By then, it had been under Ottoman rule since the 16th century, but the Ottomans never actually lived on the island.
In 1922 Agathonisi was occupied by Italian troops and was not liberated until after the second World War.
In the 1980's, the island finally got electricity and telephone lines.



The Island Agathonisi:
The northernmost island of the Dodecanese, with a population of almost 100 people, 20 nautical miles from Samos, Agathonisi has an area of 13,60 km².
This is one of those almost untouched islands by time and tourism, and here, you'll find Greece at its most genuine and traditional. A tiny island, Agathonisi is quiet and peaceful with only donkeys and roosters to wake you up in the morning, since it is almost traffic free.
The islanders live mainly off fishing and the estimated 800 tourists that visit the island every summer.
The locals have often gone through hardships because of poverty and isolation, but they are warm and friendly and will try to make you feel at home as soon as you arrive.
The island is hilly with thorny bushes.

Agios Georgios:
A small place with just enough activity going on down by the sea as is needed to prevent it from slipping into total somnolence. There is a pebble beach, and Agios Georgios is the island's port. The Spilia, pebble beach is nearby.

Megalo Chorio:
The island's largest village.

A small abandoned fishing village, 40 minutes on foot north of Megalo Chorio. There is an excellent view along this route.

A turn to the right on the same road, after about 30 minutes, brings us to the beach. A path leads from the beach to the church of St Nicolas.

Mikro Chorio:
The island's other village.

A beach in the west of the island with rocks from which it is possible to dive into the crystal-clear water. One hour from Mikro Chorio.

Text from Davaris Publications. Greek Islands: DODECANESE.

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