Other Islands of the Dodecanese.


Map of Arki.


The Arki archipel:
A group af seven islets, 7 km north of Lipsy and 6 km north-east of Patmos, with an area of 7 Km².
The island of the same name is small and hilly; it has bushes and a few trees. Its one village, on the south-west coast, also called Arki, is the port.
The best beaches on the island are at some distance from the village.

The Tiganakia bay:
In the south of the island has sea of an amazing blue and is ideal for swimming. It is best approched from the sea.

Church of the transformation (Metamorphosi):
From this point there is a splendid view of Arki and the surrounded islands.

The largest of the satelites of Arki, inhabited up to the Second World War. Now two tavernas open in the summer-season. It has a fine beach..

Text from Davaris Publications. Greek Islands: DODECANESE.

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