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Map of Chalki.
Map of Chalki.


The Island Chalki:
Chalki is a small island with an area of 28 km² and a coastline of 34 km, 35 nautical miles from Rhodes town and 3,5 from the west coast of Rhodes. (Kamiros Skala).
There is a population of 281 people.
It is mostly rocky island, since Mt. Prophitis Ilias covers most of it. The population of Chalki has declined sharply because of emigration. Many former residents migrated to Tarpon Springs in Florida (US), where they established a sponge-fishing community.
Chalki has in recent years been designated a meeting place for youth.

Chalki - Nimborio:
This is the only village on the island which still has residents today. It stands like an amphitheatre around the harbour and has many imposing buildings, though many of them are now abandoned.
The bell-tower of the Church of St. Nicholas (the island cathedral) is built entirely with dressed stone and rests of the marble of the ancient Temple of Apollo. It is the highest in the Dodecanese and ell worth a visit.
Also of interest is the clock-tower in front of the town hall, a gift from islanders agroad, as was the bell-tower.

Sandy beach, the nearest to Nimborio.

1 km, 30 mins on foot from Nimborio. The old capital of the island, an inland town secure from pirates and once a community of 3.000. It is now abandoned and unhabited. A pathway leads from the yard of the church (Our Lady of the Village 890 A.D.) to the Castle of the Knights of St. John, which was built on the site of the ancient acropolis and of which a few parts remain. In the castle are the ruins of a Byzantine church of St. Nicolas which has good wall-paintings.

The Burnt Cave:
Outside Chorio. In the 17th century, the Venetian Francesco Morosini landed on Chalki on his way to Rhodes and set about persecuting its inhabitants. Some of them took refuge in this inaccessible cave, wich Morosini could not enter. But he lit a great fire in front of its entrance, and all those who had hidden there came to a horrible end.

About 30 mins from Chorio, a little bay with pebbles and stones, and frequently a rough sea.

Monastery of St. John:
Abouth two hours from Chorio, the monastery is lived today only by the caretaker. Accommodation may be available.

Monastery of the Cross:
Just outside Chorio to the north.

Monastery of the Archangel:
Further to the north outside Chorio. Rare wall-paintings have survived. Feast day on 8 November..

Nearby island north-east of Chalki, with fine sandy beaches. There is a guesthouse at the Monastery of St. George and there are dayly trips here from Rhodes. It is also visited by farmers from Chalki who have houses and animals on the island.

Text from Davaris Publications. - Greek Islands: DODECANESE.

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