A very nice restaurant in the town of Kos located opposite the Dodecanese Bank.

An old beautiful one store house is taken by Kostas, a very experienced Maitre D., who invested all his love to transform it into a cordially inviting venue for lunch and dinner.

Kostas named his restaurant “MAÏSTRALI” (Mistral) and added “Mezedopoleion” to its name meaning something like ‘Tidbit-Sellers’ or Venue of Delicacies, which is a more appropriate nomination according to us.

Surrounded by a very nice garden MAÏSTRALI offers the choice between in and outdoors service both in a nostalgic atmosphere. Gourmet dishes with very nice tastes and well selected wines and beers served with smile at very logical prices.

Don’t miss a bite (a ‘mezé’) at MAÏSTRALI!

Maistrali Restaurant.

Maistrali Restaurant.

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