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İpek Yucel.          28-10-12

Dear Costas,

Merhaba from Bodrum!
Since morning I have been talking about our beautiful day in Kos with my sister and neighbors. You treated us as your guests and we really appreciate it. At first I was a little anxious since we weren't an experienced group at all, but from the first moment you, Alfonso and our kind leader, Thanassis, swept away my worries. The trip was definitely very well and "friendly" organized. It was a good idea to give alternatives to the group so that everybody was happy. Men enjoyed the challenging climbing and we ladies enjoyed our free time in Zia. 

I am going to put our pictures to my facebook, maybe that would cause some of my friends, too, to discover the beauties of the island so near to us. Besides if you like, i can talk to our agent here that aranges Blue Voyage tours. At this season they take people with goulets to shores where they can hike. Maybe they can arange bike tours with you (the name of the firm is Mizana). Besides my husband, Akin will give your address to the lady that organizes their congresses. I know she is a Kos fan, too.

We thank you again for the perfect organization and the kind hospitality you showed us yesterday. Please send our best wishes to Alfonso, too.
My friends and I definitely wish to come again.

Sincerely yours,
İpek Yucel 

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