Activities on the island of Nissyros.


The island of Nissyros is almost circular-shaped.
In fact it is a volcanic cone containing one of the most ancient and larger volcanic craters in the Mediterranean.
In Nissyros, horizontal lanes of dry wall (vastadia) support the ground creating lanes of cultivable land (pezoula (terraces) or tavla).
Rocky cottages (apostrofi, spiladi), old distilleries, (kazanari where the famous koukouzina is being made), chapels, paved paths (kalderimia) spread in the whole area, testimony the human endeavor of survival and expression as well.

The 4 traditional settlements, with their dense continuous layout, are built on or next to ancient settlements, including a castle usually dominating on the hill top. Remnants of the ancient walls are all around the island, penetrating the settlements, tangling with history, narrating various events. Italians, Turkish, Venetians, Dorians, Mycenaeans, Pelasgians.

We recommend seeing:

  • Mandraki the capital of the island and port with the unique walls of the ancient Greek Acropolis (Palaiokastro 4th bef. J.C.), the Venetian castle with the monastery of Spiliani (1.600 post J.C.) and the Archaeological Museum.

  • On the way to Palloi there are the municipal therapy baths which operated in 1870 by N. Apostolides.

  • The village of Palloi is built on an ancient city from which there are still remnants of the Roman and paleo- christianic period. There are still remnants of the Hippocratic Therapy Baths, along with the chapel of Panagia Thermiani.

  • The village of Emboreios, with the medieval fort and the Taxiarchis church. Visit the historical coffee shop in the square and enjoy the view to the volcanic crater.

  • The village of Nikia with the tile- roofs and the famous square which has been given an award for its elliptic shape.

  • The cave of the Titans - "Drakospilia".

  • Small beautiful churches, such as of Panaghia Listiriotissa of Aghia Triada, the monastery of Aghios Ioannis Theologos, of Panagia Kyra, of Armatos Stavros, the monastery Siones, the Faneromeni temple, the church of Evangelistria and of Panagia Diavatini are scattered around the slopes.

  • In the beach of Argos you can find the sulphur processing remnants.


    The biggest settlement where you can find the port, the Folkloric Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Paliokastro (6th- 4th century bef. J.C.), the Venetian Castle with Panaghia Spiliani (14th cent. - celebrated from 6-15 of August), the Municipal Therapy Baths with the pebbled beaches of Dimarcheio, Potamos and of Ilikiomeni. The beach of Chochlakoi is ideal for swimming. Don’t miss visiting the monastery of Armas with the famous frescos on the way to Evangelistria.


    A picturesque fishermen- village, the seaport of Emboreios which have anchoring facilities (new 2009). Located here are: the Hippocratic Baths, Panaghia Thermiani, Pachia Ammos and Lies, wonderful beaches ideal to have a swim and ouzo with mezι.


    The upland medieval settlement with the Castle of Pantoniki, the church of Taxiarchis, the Natural Sauna. From the “balcony of Emboreios“, enjoy the magnificent view to Caldera and Profitis Elias drinking coffee or ouzo and tasting traditional specialties.


    The upland settlement with the peculiar architecture and the panoramic view to Caldera. The famous pebbled square named Porta, the Church of the Isodia of the Holy Lady, the Monastery of Aghios Ioannis Theologos (celebrated on the 26th of September) and the Monastery of Panaghia Kyra (17th century, celebrated on the 23rd of August) are located here. The Monastery of Aghia Triada with its unique frescos is also quite interesting.


    The open- air geological museum with its craters Stefanos, Polyvotis etc. During your visit you will need to be equipped adequately in order to enjoy this unique phenomenon.

Boat Excursions around Nissyros:

Around Nissyros there are the islets of Gyali, where there is a pumice stone excavation pit, and obsidian excavation during ancient years, as well Kantilioussa, Pyrgoussa, Strogili and Paxia.

You may take a daily trip to the nearby islands of Giali, Pyrgoussa, Paxia and Strogili or take the tour of the island by boat.

Nissyros Festivals - Feasts:

  • St. Niketas - June 21st.
  • St. Apostles - June 30th.
  • St. Panteleimon - July 27th.
  • Panaghia Spiliani - August 15th.
  • Panaghia Kyra - August 24th.
  • Exaltation of Holy Cross - September 14th.
  • Taxiarches - November 8th.

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