Welcome to the most exciting sport on the island: HORSE RIDING

Do you love horse riding? Or are you simply fascinated by these noble animals? In either case you will want to participate in the horse riding sessions at one of the riding schools at Kos.

Horses are very interesting animals. In the beautiful green surroundings of Old Pyli or on the plains between Tigaki & Maramri, you will get to know these creatures and will discover just how pleasant horseback riding can be.

Kos has a long horseback riding history and to this day the St. George Riding Club in Pyli meets once a week on Marmari beach.

Riding began with the advent of Christianity on the island, and this non-profit organization offers riding lessons as well as a group to go riding with.

Marmari beach is 30 km long, with sandy shores that are a favorite for the locals. Kids are part of the group and rides end with both horses and riders in the water.

Horse Riding Centers:

  • ALFA HORSE. - at Amaniou - Old Pyli.
  • VEROUTAS - Family Farm between Tigaki & Marmari.
  • RAFAELS - Trail Riding Centre at Kardámena.
  • ST. GEORGE - Riding Club at Pyli.

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