The Villages of Asfendiou.


Drowned in greenery with abundant spring waters, halfway up mount Dikeos is Asfendiou, with its little settlements, Zia, Lagoudi, Evangelistria, Asomatos and Agios Demitrios.
There one can enjoy ZIA the freshness of the woods in the morning and an unforgettable sunset in the evening. Traditional houses, paths in forests and panoramic views, offer the visitor an ideal place to walk around. Nice restaurants and taverns spread in Zia invite for tasteful dishes of the Greek cuisine.

The panoramic "Fantasia Club" of Zia, is the venue of the Greek Evening, where tourists and locals meet and enjoy unforgettable nights, with live music, folklore dancers, nice dinner, free wine and lots of fun.

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A quaint mountain village, as you climb up the hill which is part of the Asfendiou countryside. (As you head up the slopes of Mount Dikaios). It has winding streets that lead up to a pretty church, from inside and out. The Church of Panagia. The views from here of the island are quite remarkable. You are welcome to visit the church if it is open too… It really is beautiful.

The view of Lagoudi settlement from Zia

As you walk up towards this picturesque church you pass chickens and donkeys, flowers and stone houses with pretty colourful gardens.
Lagoudi is  a real old fashioned traditional village.

It has a slow pace of life, and peace and tranquility. There is also an old style Cafenion where the YiaYia welcomes you in for refreshments. See all the old photo’s on the wall, and marvel in how life used to be in Kos in days gone by.

Lagoudi is a popular place to retire to, Europeans have bought and reconstructed  old houses here.

Many Greek families are obviously living here too! There are also many town folk that have summer houses in this pretty, unspoilt little village.

The local bus service operate twice a day – in the morning and the afternoon (In the school period), but your best bet to get the most out of the mountains would be to hire a car for the day, and then you can go at your own pace, and really enjoy the atmosphere, and take a walk around the lanes and visit the other villages to.




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