The Tigaki Beach

One other popular sandy beach - not so faraway from the town of Kos - is the beach at Tigaki.

There is always a nice breeze and the water is warm from May till December. This part of the island is the nearest to the island of Pserimos and is where the local people like to go fishing, also from this side are the small boats bringing in the water with the trailer.

This beach is very popular with Greek families who spend afternoons, weekends and will at times hold a celebration by making a barbeque party on the beach.

At Easter Time many people will grill their sheep on this beach.

In the last few years some hotel complexes have been built in this region and the small village is growing with more tourist shops, restaurants, taverns,

The beautiful beach and playground of Tigaki.
Playing with the waves. Beaches from the island - Tigaki Beach. Make a 'privat Beach!'
The Aqua Beach at Tigaki. The Aqua Beach at Tigaki. The Aqua Beach at Tigaki.'
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