Other Islands of the Dodecanese.

Discover the other islands of the Dodecanese by island hopping and explore some of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Fully customizable packages can be arranged for all individuals and groups.

We take care of all the details of your trip on the beautiful islands of the Dodecanese archipel.

The Dodecanese islands.

- Agathonisi.
- Arki.
- Astypalaia.
- Kalymnos.
     - Pserimos.
     - Telendos.
- Karpathos.
- Kasos.
- Kastelorizo.
- Leros.
- Leipsi.
- Nissyros.
     - Yali.
- Patmos.
- Rhodes.
- Symi.
- Tilos.
- Xalki (Chalki).

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Agathonisi, the island of good-hearted! Patmos, The island of the Appocalyps. The Leipsus Archipel The island Leros. The islands Kalymnos. The island Kos. The islands Nissyros & Yali. The island of the Elephants - Tilos. The island Astypaleia. The Island Symi. The island of Chalki. The island Rhodes. The island Karpathos. The island Kassos. The island Kastellorizo. Turkey. Knidos. Samos. The island Fourni. The island Ikaria. The small seven islands of Arki.