The Casa Romana
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  1. The first courtyard, where there is a water cistern and a mosaic floor with a depiction of a panther tearing apart a dear.
  2. The courtyard at the west has a marble-paved floor at the centre of which was discovered a mosaic “device” of the Hellenistic period, depicting life under the sea.
  3. The room to the south of the west room has a well-preserved wail-painting depicting a male figure.
  4. To the south of the first courtyard, is the andron.
  5. This courtyard is surrounded by rooms, some of which have traces of marble revetment on the walls, he floors of some had mosaics, while others were paved with marble.
  6. The area at the north-west corner of the courtyard, near the staircase leading to the upper store was devoted to ancillary rooms.
  7. The andron communicated by way of a door in its west wall with a large hall (the triclinium), which had a marble-paved floor and marble-revelled walls.
  8. On the north side is the third of the courtyards, with a water cistern and a mosaic floor depicting Nereid riding on sea-horse.

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