The Nymphaion faces the Public Baths along a narrow street of the old town. It was built between the 2nd and 4th centuries BC as a "Vespassiani" (public urinal).

When it was discovered it was given the name Nymphaion, because its beauty gave in the appearance of a sanctuary to all goddesses.

The yard is full of mosaics and has a large well.
On three sides there are eleven pillars and on the fourth above the well are two projections, where statues must have stood.

The interior marble walls are 1,83 meter heigh and had drainage dotches running along their bases.

This truly beautiful building can be viewed from a window reached by a staircase at the side.

Outside view Outside view Outside view
The Nymphaion The Nymphaion The Nymphaion
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Last update: 06-11-2012