The House of Hippocrates

The house faces south.

Built with gray - green stone found at the nearby Kefalos quarry, looks like a small fortress. As we enter the premises, we face the yard, the altar and the peristyle. The two rooms at the yard will be used as a pottery workshop the first and the second, as a storeroom for the goods produced at our garden.

Entering the house, we come across the sitting room the hestia, the latrine and the kitchen.

The room of the men, the andron is located northeast to the hestia and can be entered through and anteroom facing the yard.

The floor of the andron is decorated with a pebble mosaic. One can rest on the seats, anaklintra, placed close to the walls.

On the upper floor there is the womens room, the room were women spent their time weaving.

Since ancient roots are still alive through folklore art, the place is decorated with old childrens toys, cloths, brides jewels, trunks and a loom.

Seminars, on various subjects take place at the house, aiming, among others, to appreciate the meaning of household economy and the value of cooperation.

The House of Hippocrates

Philosopher's Arcade.

When entering our land, visitors face the philosopher's arcade.

It is handbuilt by local craftsmen, who still apply techniques similar to ancient Greek ways of building, with stone taken from the nearby quarry of Kefalos. The wooden roof is covered with used, old tile. The western wall bears bas reliefs with ancient themes.

The arcade operates as a library where guests study the ancient Greek philosophers and at the same time, admire modern Greek makers. There is an exhibition of various items, saved from the modernization flood of the last 50 years in Greece. Books from the 19 twenties, household items of the 19th and 20th century, become our ancestors heritage.

At the premises lectures and banquets take place, aiming to nurture our spirit.

The Philosopher's Arcade

The theatre of dancing Satyros.

The small theater built in our garden, is dedicated to the muse Kalliope, goddess of epic poetry and eloquence, whose name means beautiful voice or as others claim, beautiful face.
The Dancing Satyros!
Performances with themes from ancient Greece and cultural events relevant to the tradition of the Dodecanese Islands and Kos Island are conducted In our theatre. Theater is the primary way of revealing peoples deeper feelings.

Everything started when, a participant in the mysteries dedicated to God Dionysos, began talking with the crowd, playing God.
This dialog between God and people, created theater and the art of acting. Our ancestors built theaters in a way to resemble an upturned bowl, like the half of an egg, because they believed that half of it (the egg) is on earth and the rest, the invisible part, is in the sky. Through acting, a union of the two half takes place and humans unite with divine.

The Theatre of the Dancing Satiros

The Gardens.

There are wild cedar trees in our gardens, 5 to 500 years old.

Cedar trees are a protected species. We can easily guess their age, by counting the trees height:
It grows one centimetre per annum, so, a tree 5 meters tall is 500 years old!

Besides old cedar trees there are self growing wild herbs, like lavender, oregano, thyme, sage, hypericum, laudanum and heath. We also cultivate grapes from which we make dry red wine, under the label Eros.
(Code nr a-434721E3 given by Bio-hellas, Control Institute of biological products, bio-certifies our vineyard)

Fruit bearing trees and biological growing vegetables are all around us.

You can taste our products and find out how easy it is to use biological methods in agriculture, respecting land and the environment. We would be delighted to share our products with you and invite you to drink our wine and share your opinion with us.

The Gardens The Gardens
The Gardens The Gardens The Gardens The Gardens
The Gardens
The Gardens The Gardens The Gardens The Gardens
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The seminars.

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